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By May 7, 2010 Photo: Flickr/mharrsch Antiquity: Ancient Egyptian women use a combination of cotton, dates, honey and acacia as a suppository, and it turns out fermented acacia really does have a spermicidal effect. The Bible and the Koran both refer to coitus interruptus (the withdrawal method). Activist Margaret Sanger coins the term birth control, opens first birth control clinic in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and starts the American Birth Control League, the precursor to Planned Parenthood. 1934 Endocrinologist Gregory Pincus creates a test tube rabbit and is vilified as a Frankenstein. Katherine McCormick Margret Sanger. Courtesy: Smithsonian Institute 1951 Sanger and.

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TV GUIDE JULY 15, 1995 Close Encounters With the Cast of Voyager Out of character, on the record, and off the cuff By Michael Logan Few TV series debuts have been as hypedor as troubledas that of UPNs Star Trek: Voyager. From the seemingly endless search for a female Captain Janeway (played for two days by the unwisely cast Genevieve Bujold, then recast with the triumphant Kate Mulgrew) to the headachy task of getting this multimillion-dollar, FX-laden epic on the air every week, the Voyager stars have had very little time to relax, much less ruminate. So, on the last.

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